parking lot
Parking Lot Issue #4

Parking Lot Issue #4

17 EUR

Parking Lot Issue #4 is designed by Cecile Tafanelli, it is a black & white, risograph- printed, limited edition that includes a flexi disc featuring a new recording by VHSUHF, and works by the following contemporary artists:



Natasja Alers

Skafte Aymo-Boot

Marie Ilse Bourlanges

Sara Campos

Leonor Faber-Jonker

Leonidas Germanopoulos

Sonia Kazovsky

Maya Kessler

Elena Khurtova

Dimitris Liossis

Sonia Mangiapane

Maia Matches

Hanna Mattes

Brian D. McKenna

B.J Nilsen

Mike Ottink

Lotte Reimann

Matthias Tharang

Kyle Tryhorn


Editor in Chief

Katerina Karagianni


Advisory crew

Anika Schwarzlose

Brian D. McKenna

Tzvika Gutter


Associate editor

Linda Theodorou


Risograph Printing

Journal: Stencilzolder, Amsterdam

Poster: Kaboem, Amsterdam



Did it Ourselves



99 copies